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Sarasota is a tropical paradise on the Gulf of Mexico that offers abundant natural beauty, cultural tradition, and plenty of sunshine. Sarasota offers residents a superb quality of life leading to CNN/Money Magazine choosing Sarasota as America's Best Small City and one of the nation's top eight Best Places to Retire.

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Another great place to see some of the activities and special events available locally to people in Sarasota is from the Sands of Sarasota Website. They have many things listed here to appeal to most anyone who cares to find something to get them out of the house now and then.

Be sure to take a look at to see some of the many activites that can be found around Sarasota. Everything from things to discover, to places to eat, to things to do! A great place to help you get to know your community.

History of Sarasota:

Want to learn a bit about Sarasota and it's history? We highly recommend taking a few minutes to look through Sands of Sarasota. They explain much of our history, from settlers, to natives. They also mention some of Sarasota's more prominent and well known citizens. It is well worth a look!

Another great place to get some history is a site we mentioned in the other column, You can see more of the history they offer here.

A couple of our great historical buildings in the area and a great contribution to the art and culture in the area is the Ringling Estate and the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center.